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Nissan Silvia S15 


This Nissan Silvia S15 was imported from Japan for Ivan Nikulin in the winter of 2014, when the pilot from Barnaul decided the long haul to link their lives with drift. The car was in "okolorotova" condition for the main units, but modified for drifting suspension. The history of relations between Ivan c this S15 complex and dramatic. Only to season 2016 the car came in fighting condition, and by the 2017 season there is a global restructuring.

Engine SR20VE-T with a Garret GTX3071 Turboatom, which was built in the "Auto Forward" last year, during the 2016 season showed his best side, so it was decided not to rebuild it, but to limit the service. But a global update touched powertrain and suspension of the car.

The configuration of the front suspension remained unchanged: a proven solution N1 of the control arms and steering knuckle Max. The vast majority of drift cars in Russia, the "S-chassis" is built on these components, and all the pilots say that this recipe is almost perfect, it allows to achieve an optimum angle of inversion of the wheels and accurately control the car in drift. Rear suspension is completely different components. Now here's the same tandem as the front. All the levers were replaced by N1, and instead of the standard fists set castings Max two brake caliper. First, separate the caliper gidroručnik this year a mandatory requirement D1GP, and secondly, in this configuration, the car's braking system works more than adequately. Additional caliper as in the set standard, but with pads D1 Spec. This is enough to flick of the wrist to lock the rear wheels instantly.

The biggest improvements have touched the transmission, or the transmission has been fully updated. For the season of 2017 as "Squirrel" appeared 5-speed sequential gearbox Cam TTI from Australia. These boxes interesting fact that when ordering, you can specify the required number of transmissions and to select the optimal series. Package includes the transmission, adapter plate by "native" the bell and the gear select. The brackets for mounting and driveshaft already made on the car in Krasnoyarsk specialists "Auto Forward". A very important revision of the box is also additional cooling, which initially was not intended by the manufacturer. In addition I had to make the gear, as Ivan asked you to leave the handbrake on the standard place, and the native "scenes" are not allowed to do. Kardan is a hodgepodge of parts from several cars, and he goes into the gearbox from the Nissan Skyline GT-R. the Drive and gearbox from the GT-R in the bodies 32 to 34 are the most durable units that can be installed on the Silvia without major alterations. Another plus of such decision, the details can be found in the presence of Russian, which simplifies the process of search and delivery of spare parts. As a "transmitter" of torque from the engine to the powertrain, the choice fell on a three-plate clutch HKS.

The most interesting innovation in the car of Ivan Nikulin is a hydroelectric servo. In fact it is the good old Gur, but instead of a belt drive pump mounted on the engine, use the electric that can be placed in almost any part of the machine. In this case, for better weight distribution pump and the radiator cooling fluid is mounted behind the rear axle. With this solution the specialists of "Auto Forward" decided at once several problems: a booster pump and the fluid does not overheat, reduce the number of belts and moving parts in the engine compartment. In addition, managed to release a few horses from work on WTP, which means they will be focused on the direct purpose – to destroy the tyres!

The car's appearance has changed, too. The first thing that catches the eye – a bit "fatter". In last season's "Squirrel" was a body kit from Uras, which did not increase in size, and for the new season of the car set kit from Vertex. These changes are associated not only with beauty but also with functionality. The fact is that to ensure the proper "stick" the rear axle is greatly expanded, and from the point of view of rules and aesthetics, the wheels must not extend beyond body panels. Interestingly solved the rear of the car, instead of the traditional "shop", we see a neat "duck tail" (from the English. Duck tale), which is the one with the trunk lid.

The team car design was designed by Studio CA. What you see in the photos will be translated in all the team cars "Auto Forward", but with different colors. Photos can't convey the beauty of the combination of white body with chrome strips. Looks very "elegant"!

Inside the machine is traditionally removed all unnecessary, ranging from music, ending with the sound insulation, the panel is left virtually unchanged. In the Central duct placed temperature sensors for coolant, oil and exhaust gas, but directly in front of the pilot is the boost pressure sensor. All the instruments taken from the line Shadow. The standard steering wheel replaced with a wheel with more offset, in this case installed MOMO 330mm diameter, which allows not to hurt the tube frame in the doorway, right hand with active steering. Controls gearshift and hand brake lever left for standard locations at the request of Ivan. The passenger in a "bucket" Bride Low Max, and the driver is homologirana OMP seat with more side support not only the body but also the head. Multipoint safety belts can not even mention, as it is a "must have" to "combat" vehicles. The feet of the passenger is comfortably located under the battery cover and the injection system vodnoetanolnyh mixture. To some it may seem that the switch is too far from the driver's seat, but it's not. The pilot calmly reaches for him buckled in, and the location is explained very simply – the risk of accidental touch of the switch and, consequently, its operation is reduced to zero!


M40i spark plug (ISO08) HKS
2 812
Fitting AN10 - 3/8" AUTOBAHN88