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NISSAN Silvia NGKS15 Built for the country

Japanese "Junior" 

This Silvia has arrived to Russia, to finally come back to their homeland in Japan, where she was to participate in the D1GP championship under the management of George realistic headlights. After successful performances in 2013 and 2014, received the invitation personally from the head of the D1 Corporation Toshiyuki Oya to drive a full season. After some deliberation it was decided to build a new car for participation in the Japanese championship.

The preparation of the car started in the winter of 2014, and in April 2015 NGK Silvia S15 D1 Spec appeared on the "Red Ring" for the first tests. Several months of active work, the specialists of "Auto Forward" dismantled the car down to bare body and then gathered on time-tested components with the use of accumulated over 10 years of experience.

To fight on equal terms in D1GP necessary first of all power before minder "forward of the Car" Sergey Danilchenko had a difficult task – to build a powerful and reliable engine on the basis of the SR20. From the standard engine remained only the cylinder block and the thoroughly finalized for the Mahle forged pistons. As in "older" S15 used Nissan Primera cylinder head from as VE "heads" perfectly proved themselves in battle. The fuel in the combustion chamber is fed injectors performance 1000сс, and for the great amount of air meets the turbineBorg Warner EFR 7670 1.05 A/R,bolted tomanifold from FullRace. For ignition of the mixture, the responsibility lies with the candlesNGK Motorsport R7434-9.Configured engine control unitAEM INFINITY 506a specialist Denis Ponomarev.

Another important factor in the struggle with the top Japanese pilots is the speed of switching, particularly on acceleration before staging. Therefore PPC with the search mechanism was not considered, only sequental! The choice fell on the Dutch five-speed box Drenth MPG. Further drivetrain: three-plate clutch OS Giken lock is a 1.5 Way Nismo, reducer and drive from Skyline GT-R. All the features were selected in such a way that weaknesses in the way from the engine to the rear wheels was not.

In the preparation of the suspension took into account how their own experience and spied something from the Japanese. In 2014, the delegation from Russia was surprised to find that such monsters like Masato Kawabata 180SX Nissan are virtually standard wishbone suspension. Of course improvements were present, but they are made with grinders and welding. This option is not really suitable, as in the case of failure of "custom" parts would have had to make from scratch, so it was decided to usethe levers N1,but not "wise" settings. On both axles installedfists PoweredByMax.In the front they work great at understating and eversion and back allow easy alterations to install additional caliper for the handbrake, so as not to interfere with the primary braking system. In preparation for the 2015 season usedfront D-Max,but before the 2016 season, they were replaced by iconicDG5. 

The appearance of NGK Silvia S15 is the hallmark of George's realistic headlights, so in the new project used yellow and bodikit from the company Vertex, which was enhanced by little touches made by the Krasnoyarsk company Monster Service. Small "flaps" and "lip" on the front bumper so pleased with the creators of the kit that they eventually asked me to send them samples to Japan.

The most important development was the creation of an exact replica of the cabin the previous S15. All the controls and seat are positioned in the usual places, so the new car had to get used to. Bride seat, steering wheel with a diameter of 330 mm from Tanida, horizontal handbrake, switches and sensors. All the components are installed exactly like "elder".


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