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SR20VET 500 HP

NISSAN Silvia "AIMOLния" S14

Rocket Bunny Boss for the Boss!

The most complex and interesting tasks are coming from experienced customers. Such was the order from the head of the Russian Drift Series Dmitry Dobrovolsky: "Build me such a machine so all gasped". Contribute to the creation of such a project is an important task, which is required to put together the best experience in the study of every detail of the car.

The requirements, though not contradictory, but compatible only with very sensitive work, it was nominated for three: effectively, efficiently, and reliably.

Welcome! "Lightning", as dubbed by its owner.
Effectively – Nissan S14 body dressed in a body kit Rocket Bunny v Boss.2 and painted in two colors in the style of this sports legends of the Golden era of Motorsport of the middle of the 20th century. Appearance is also defined by wheels SSR Professor TF1 dimension 9JJ ET+3 on the front axle and 10JJ ET+16 on the rear.

The owner of the new car knows a lot about the physics of motion, and the platform was chosen after lengthy analysis of the behavior of cars of the championship RDS – "I Want it was Silvia and she was allowed to make the truly dramatic transformation", and if so, it is only native SR20 with which the S-chassis so maintains the right to "Japanese" drift balance.

In order to build a car for drifting or any other discipline, you need to start with a full analysis of the "donor" that has been done. The body of the S14 was originally sent to the body shop to identify defects and their elimination, as well as for the preparation and fitting of body kit, and a parallel install in the car prepared suspension components, powertrain and assembled the engine. The experience gained during the years of operation of such a platform, allowed us to determine of the car before the build.

The concept car can be defined in one sentence: "classic Silvia for drifting", since all solutions tested by us on roads from Smolensk ring to Maishima and the Japanese Ebisu. Suspension is collected on the levers N1 Suspension on the SS, the "fists" POWEREDBYMAX front and back racks "the Changeling" D-Max with the remote and sideburns. In the list of acquired characteristics: a wide range of adjustment of corners of installation of wheels, while maintaining proper suspension geometry in all operating modes, the absence of any backlash and the correct kinematics at high angles of eversion of the wheels. Adaptation to "zatsepu" on each track will provide a wide range of settings for stiffness in compression and rebound.

The "heart" of this 14 Silvia, of course, is a SR20 with a VE cylinder head. Empirically, it was determined that the ratio of power/comfort control turbine BorgWarner EFR 7670 with the Twin Scroll system is the optimal basis of the turbocharging system. For greater "flexibility" the power unit was enlarged at the expense of the Stroker volume 2200сс. Engine output of 500 horsepower and 500 N*m at overboost 1.3 bar on fuel with an octane rating of 100.

On the way the torque from the flywheel to the rear wheels is located a 3-disc clutch OS Giken R3B series, a 6-speed sequential gearbox Quaife, and in the rear of the car was installed a gearbox from a Skyline GT-R with lock CUSCO Type-RS 2 WAY. First, we used transmission Quaife in our projects for several reasons: first, English engineers love the SR20 motors, so this transmission is calculated from the point of view of gear ratios; second, this CAT has a solid cast housing and can withstand up to 1,000 HP according to the manufacturer; third, the 6 gears make efficient use of the operating range of the engine, rarely resorting to changing the gear ratio. Another important factor is the ease of installation and maintenance, this gear box set is literally a bolt-it, which is rare among sequential gearbox.

The "brain" of the car was selected the AEM INFINITY is a reliable and robust solution with excellent price/quality. For complete driver information on the condition of all engine systems were installed dashboard AEM CD-7L, which allows, in addition to the traditional values of pressure and temperature fluids, boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature, set alarms so that it was impossible not to notice and in the event of overheating or drop in pressure to take immediate action. All the electronics of the car works through the PDM system and MOTEC CAN-bus.

Had we truly "Golden section" – will show time and the satisfaction of the owner. Watch the performances of "Lightning" and our projects!

Now in the process of procurement of spare parts are already three projects with similar depth improvements. And one of them we will cover virtually online.


Fuel hose 10 mm GATES 3225-10014
Oil filter VIC C225

VIC C225 oil Filter 05752 Oil filter C225 VIC

Union AN6 fitting AB88

AB88 FT027A06 Fitting union AN6 68458 Union AN6 fitting AB88

Union AN10 fitting AB88

AB88 FT027A10 Fitting union AN10 68457 Union AN10 fitting AB88

DTM-STYLE 2pin connector AEM