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Nissan 180SX

From exercises to combat! 

Initially, this 180SX was purchased as a training car at the time of construction combat, but eventually the owner was so pleased to manage S-chassis, it was decided to use in future competitions - that's it!

In the initial phase was quite enough of a set that went from Japan: digested steering knuckles, adjustable stand, locking and a 250 horsepower engine. Car little by little fine-tuned, and the winter 2016-2017 went to the FORWARD CAR to total rebuilding!

The principle improvements cars Nissan family Silvia from the suspension is extremely clear and simple this recipe is used by many, and this 180SX was no exception:the levers N1 Suspensionfront and rear, and steering knucklesPoweredByMax. These solutions have already become a classic.

The most spectacular modification in this car was of course the iconic bodikitRocket Bunnywhere Nissan 180SX looks simply stunning! By the way, for this model and was released with the first set of body panels under the nameRocket Bunny.  

The most effective improvements have touched the drivetrain and engine. Familiar to all fans of driftingsequential gearbox TTiequipped with five speeds allows you to not think about switching during the races and be confident in the reliability of this node. Three-plate clutchOS Gikenpasses the time at the checkpoint, and then it comes to blockingCusco Type-RS 2WAY. Plans to build a strong and powerful engine about 500 strength, but at the moment the car is equipped with a standard block, cylinder head locatedshafts Tomeiat 260° intake and exhaust, and for the admission of excess pressure meets the turboBorgWarner EFR 7163. For greater impact engine was installedinjection system of a mixture of water and methanol from AEM. Got about 350 horsepower at the pressure of 1.2 Bar.

The salon has had two racingseat OMPand4-point safety harness Autobahn88with the homologation, and the boot placed: battery, tank and pump system AEM and sports fuel tankATLat 30 liters.

It's not all finalized, which was subjected to this Nissan 180SX, but we tried to tell you about the most interesting. Very soon we will see this car in action on the stages of RDS.


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