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NISSAN Silvia NGK S14 

Rocket Bunny Boss 

Initially, this S14 1998 release was built in 2013 from components that were lying in the warehouse "Auto Forward". Most of the components for the original construction in the winter from 2012 to 2013 moved from "older" NGK Silvia S15 George realistic headlights, all suspension and drivetrain but the motor decided to build a VET on the cylinder head. At the initial stage of a drift career, no need for huge power, so to start was limited to a relatively modest turbine Kinugawa TD05H-18G, which allowed to "cheat" on SR20VET about 350 "horses". Before the end of the 2015 season Silvia wore a full bodikit from the Vertex where the S14 though, and looked impressive, but did not lose its factory features.

The most comprehensive and interesting of the restructuring happened in the winter of 2015-2016. Vladimir Chivchan saw the exhibition of Muscle cars from the Garage to the exhibition Motor Expo Show in the spring of 2015, where "Auto Forward" was presented by NGK Silvia S15 D1GP built for. Despite the dubious "drivers '" quality "muscled Americans," Vova liked these cars externally, and he even thought to buy something similar for rare trips to the city. A few weeks later was presented a new kit for the S14 from Tra Kyoto called Rocket Bunny Boss, which gave the appearance of Japanese brutality coupe American Muscle Car. Although it is actually based on the front was taken by an old Datsun, which in turn was a little "sketched" with the American machines. The decision came immediately – take!

To install a new body kit had to literally disassemble the car almost completely and to work hard body. The new image was acquired "elegant" wheels Work Seeker GX with crazy settings! After completion of all work on the exterior, the result exceeded all expectations. In the spring of 2016 at the exhibition its NGK Rocket Boss S14 attracted attention of visitors is not less than the exposure from Muscle Garage of the year 2015, whereby this Silvia has acquired a new look!

On the technical side was applied the time-tested solution. The suspension was collected according to the standard recipe: the levers N1, Max fists and stands Emotion Drift Spec. In the standard case PPC "registered" the OS Giken, and drive left family and reducer set lock on a 1.5 way from Cusco with the main couple and 4.6. The engine to the 2016 season built a new SR22VET with the turbine Borg Warner EFR 7064. Was very a torquey engine with a smooth shelf of moment and power 400+ horsepower.

At the moment the car is actively preparing for the season 2017. The "back" of the transmission set from a Skyline GT-R, namely the actuator and the gearbox, the gearbox housing also borrowed from the Skyline, the checkpoint will be set in rows from the Australian company Pfitzner Performance Gearbox. To prevent the engine apart, looked at the details and realized that it was possible not to disassemble. Motor after the battle of the season was in excellent condition! Ahead of "final" Assembly and setup!