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Rosenka - "Senior"

The history of this car is inextricably linked with the period of formation of the company "Auto Forward" in the form in which we know it. In 2004, this Silvia 1999 release moved from his native Japan to Siberia and fell into the hands of George the realistic headlights. The first time a yellow S15 pleasing its owner in the standard state, but this was the moment when power was not enough. It all started with the traditional "boost up" (boost up – eng. "the increase in boost pressure") of the standard components, then under the hood spelled out more efficient turbine, nozzles, and other "pleasures" to achieve more power. However the drivetrain and chassis of the car was continuously altered. For 13 years the car has undergone an incredible amount of modifications, with the experience came the understanding that we need to improve, and most importantly, how to do it correctly.

In 2008, this Silvia S15 for the first time appeared on the track "Red Ring", George Chivchan then took part in the Amateur ring series Time Attack, as well as in competitions in drag racing. Professional drift in the life of a yellow S15 appeared only in 2010. And how began! Tandem Gocha + Silvia scored two wins in the season: 1st place in the championship of Siberia Drift Battle and victory in the first all-Russian competition of the Super Drift Battle. Already then it became clear that the tandem formed seriously and for a long time.

In 2011, the car finally got rid of the remnants of "former luxury", that is, turned into a full-fledged sports car with varnum cage and other purely racing attributes. It should be noted that Silvia was not only a "combat" vehicle, but "Guinea pig" in some way. A huge amount of tuning and setting up the chassis was tested in combat conditions, and not always, these samples have yielded a positive result. For example, in the first stage Drift Battle 2011 it became clear that the new grip is just not able to "digest" the capacity of 400 forces, therefore, result show failed. But there were acquired valuable experience and understanding of the detail in the people from the shelves "Forward Auto" will not go. Although most experiments were successful, the mere fact that more than half of the professional drifters in Russia, acting on the s-chassis use identical suspension components, says a lot.

With the development of drift in Russia, growing power car, and one in 2012, the size of the turbine under the hood NGK Silvia S15 "senior" has reached such proportions that it was necessary to use nitrous oxide to reduce the "turbojam". This was due to the fact that the SR20DET does not like "cool" more than 8000 rpm, and without nitrous, the turbine went for a working pressure of only 6000. The "working" rpm range came out too narrow, so used "acid". To opt out of nitrous, which is not always stable, it was decided to go to the VET "head". In addition to the best "crucialness" this cylinder head is a system of variable valve timing VVL, which makes the engine more responsive and flexible, which is very important in drifting.

To describe in detail all the improvements of this car it is very ungrateful, because for 13 years there were so many that you could write a full encyclopedia on tuning the Nissan Silvia S15. This machine represents the history of Russian drift. Since the standard engines and narrow tyres at the rear axle to a modern 500-horsepower monsters with durakovi a tire width of 265 mm. "Older" Silvia has seen in his lifetime an incredible array of rivals and events of the victory over the pilots from the Baltic States on "Autoexotic" in 2012 to the first victory of Russian drifter in D1GP in 2014! In season 2017 NGK Silvia S15 will delight lovers of the drifters on "native land", according to the plan it George Chivchan take part in some stages of the RDS-Siberia.


Shoe NISSAN 13091-2J202
4 895
Spark plug M45i (ISO09) HKS
2 590
Fitting AN10 - 3/8" AUTOBAHN88