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LS3 430 HP

     NISSAN Skyline ER34

The sky at LS'ke

This car is in the hands of Nicholas Tagaeva about 10 years, during this time, Skyline has come a long way from atmosfernogo "vegetable" on the machine to competitive cars of the Russian Drift Series. This offseason Nicholas gave us a rebild my R34. After a difficult season 2016 with several serious accidents, drift sedan in need of total restoration of the body, in addition, the plan was to install a Cam TTi sequential gearbox and the power increase of the engine LS3.

4 - and 5-speed transmission, TTi established itself in the Russian drift with the best hand, so Nicholas decided to pass it on the Australian "sequentially". The same box is mounted on the car Ivan NikulinNissan Silvia S15 "Protein"and on180SXour client. Taking into account the experience of the work was done without much difficulty. Traditionally been made the gimbal and modified gear to reduce free play of the lever.

The most interesting modifications to this car is the LS3 engine, which now produces 428 horsepower to the wheels. The increase of power is not much, but the important thing is that the motor appeared to "top". The standard LS3 is the engine maximum power and torque at midrange engine speeds, and thanks to a new camshaft and cylinder-head modifications the character of the V8 is more explosive. Improvements have also touched the exhaust system, which has been made completely by experts of "Auto Forward" from the collectors, and the collectors of the Hooker Headers had to be thoroughly refined in connection with the layout and features of the car. In the end, the engine "began to breathe" full chest, which of course had a beneficial impact on its characteristics.

Car suspension had previously been collected on the levers N1 Suspension, and amortization are responsible cult stands DG5. Therefore, the revision has not affected the chassis of the vehicle.

In addition to technical modifications to the machine are much "thinner" in Krasnoyarsk, thanks to the installation of a large number of plastic parts and replacing the side Windows, have achieved significant weight loss. Now the big sedan Nissan Skyline R34 weighs only 1200 pounds.

The first departure of the Nissan Skyline R34 LS3 allowed Nicholas Theevu to break into the TOP-8 at the stage of the Russian Drift Series! I hope that in future the results will be only higher!


Silicone cap 6 mm AUTOBAHN88
Worm clamp 9.5-12mm ORBIT
Connector (4pipes)
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